Hack All Your Android Games With These Apps

Here we got the best apps availables to hack your games, Root and Non Root




(Root) This app allows you to buy any in-game content.

It simulates a fake credit card that works on almost every game. (It may not work on some online games)

Note: It doesnt work in the AppStore so dont try to buy games with it lol

You can test it in the game SAS 4, its online and it works.


Freedom v1.0.8.apk

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Leo PlayCard


(No Root) The best options for users without Root. Just like Freedom it simulates a fake Credit card.

You can use it in a lot of apps, i hope its useful for you ūüėČ


Leo PlayCard V1.2 .apk

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Game Guardian


(Root) This Famous app is a ‚ÄúValue Editor‚ÄĚ, if the game have numbers.. You can change them.

But is not so easy to use, so you will have to see a few videos on the internet. If you are smart and know what to change, you can do a lot of things.

Also this program have a Speed Hack, that allows you to speed or slow down the game, very useful.


Game Guardian v8.4.5

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There are a lot of Value editors like GameCih or Gamekiller, but this is the one that i like most.


Lucky Patcher


(Root & No Root) This is a great app, it have many functions, it basically can Delete Ads,  delete Licence Verifications, Free In-game shop, especific patchs, and more.

It works for both Root and No root users, but for the no root users the options are very limited, so you can try it and see if its usefull for you.

I use a lot this app to delete the ads and to add random patchs that people make.


Lucky Patcher v6.2.3

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Note: And Yeah… i will not teach you how to use so go to watch some videos!




(No Root) Same as Freedom and LeoPlay card allows you to buy in-game content for free.

Basically LeoPlaycard was created merging this app with freedom.

The bad thing about this app is that it only works with especific games, you can see the supported apps  here: http://creehack.net/game_creehack.html

Its a really small list lol, but you still can have fun hacking those games.


Cree Hack v1.8pro

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Game killer


(Root) Another Value Editor, just like game guardian, you can edit any numeric value in the game.

Note: You will need to buy a licence to use an specific function of this app. So if you need that function you can patch it with ‚ÄúLucky patcher‚ÄĚ and get it for free. (Find it in ‚Äúspecific patches‚ÄĚ)


Game Killer v4.10

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Another app for in-game free shopping, just as cree hack it have a list of supported apps ( https://onhax.me/appsara-iap )

Take a look if the app you want to hack is there.


AppSara v1.0.apk

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SB Game Hacker (No Root) FAKE!


Guys there is an app called SBGameHack on the internet.

They say it is a Value Editor for Non Root users, but is fake… It will show announces for non root users and it will open and work if you have root.

So dont waste your time with it.

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